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I'm like a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon, trying to find who I am in the midst of a total life change. At times its exciting. At times challenging. At times a little scary. But something I know I have to go through in order to fly.


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Saturday, August 05, 2006

This is it!

Well, after a lot of praying and talking with my best friend, my hubby, I decided to do something so radical that I'm sure I will get plenty of emails. I've decided to go through with offering my designs on the internet. They will be downloadable in pdf files. And they will be bought by making a donation, not a traditional purchase. You can read more about it all at The Schaefer Design Studio. I am starting with 3 of my favorite designs and hope to add at least 1 every 6 weeks. PLEASE read why I'm doing this. It's important to me. I hope you will join with me in "give and it will be given unto you".
I also want those of you who have written to me about designing some crocheted bags, I do plan to do that in the near future, so be sure to bookmark the site :)


Blogger rockinmax said...

What an awesome way you are using your talents. God bless you!!

7:29 PM  

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