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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fourth of July 2006

In honor of the celebration of this 4th of July, I thought I would post a picture that we took one day when we decided to get out and take a drive up to Canada. We are about 15 minutes from the Canadian border. It was a beautiful day... the sky was clear... the mountains in view... so, we jumped in the car with a picnic lunch and headed north. Funny thing about this adventure is... it took us about 5 minutes to get into Canada and then about an hour and a half to get back into the US. This is one time that I wished that I would have brought my knitting :)LOL. We had to sit that long at the border. I'm not complaining, I'm thankful for the wait, I was just a little surprised that it took that long. But any way, I pray that you all have a safe, fun filled holiday (dear hubby has to work, so I'll be knitting away). Let's not forget all those military serving our country around the world and please remember their little children in your prayers. For most of my 23 years of teaching, I taught military children. People forget those preschoolers during times like these. They miss their mommies and daddies. They hear the news. They hear people around them talk about how wrong the war is. How must that make them feel? Remember them, remember their parents, and be thankful that they are serving because it could be our own children over there. Have a great 4th! Posted by Picasa


Blogger op said...


Your blog has inspired me to start my own. I used to teach as well, my kids are Navy Brats and proud of it. My husband is disabled, we are getting ready to head to the mountains, I am so tired of strife within the atmosphere. I so totally agree with you, pray for the children.

We were stationed at Mayport Naval Station during the first Gulf War, my son threw himself under the coffee table one evening and screamed, "They are coming to kill us, mommy, hide!!" I asked, "Who son?" as I crawled under the table with him. "Saddam," he says "the terrorists, because my Daddy is over there killing their kids!" Shock? That does not describe what I felt, his teacher had told them all about terrorists, that they were likely to come for the base, where we lived, suddenly there were planes overhead, we did not have any planes on our base! It scared my son so badly, I was an Ombudsman for the USS Saratoga, and called the Admiral, "What are the planes overhead?" The answer......"Protection from NAS Jax for our ships in the harbor" "why didn't you warn us so we could tell the children?" and I told him what happened, he spoke personally to Josh, and after that we were notified ahead.

How many children are without their parents so that we can be free? I thought no one but me ever thought about this, I admire you so much for speaking up for the children!

Also for the fact that you are continuing to be productive, no matter what! Some days that is all there is! Thank you!!


1:22 PM  
Blogger hula_baby said...

Aww.. you really touched me with your words and I've got 'chicken skin' :~) I was married to a Navy man for 22 years and our children grew up in that invironment, also. So, I know what it's like first hand. My ex was also in the first Gulf War. We were stationed in Hawaii for almost the full time that he was in the military. People don't have any idea about the life of young children. How they see the world and how directly our words as adults effect them. I absolutely LOVED working with military children and their families & I hope someday that maybe, if God wills, I will be back working with them again. At the last school where I worked, right at the beginning of the war, I had boys and girls 'throwing bombs' off the slide (pretend). I allowed them to do so for a while, and then we all talked about it. And the best thing about where I worked, it was a Christian school, so we prayed for the moms and dads every day. And if there is a group of people who have power in their prayers, it's children.

Well, thanks again. Keep up the good fight. And if you ever need help with your blog or any thing else, just let me know.

I have done a lot of training in the teaching field and I always say that a good teacher is not made, but born and now I add... and never stops teaching :) So, let me know if I can help, I really mean what I say :)
Take care,

11:00 PM  

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