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I'm like a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon, trying to find who I am in the midst of a total life change. At times its exciting. At times challenging. At times a little scary. But something I know I have to go through in order to fly.


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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Aloha everyone. I just wanted to let you all know what I'm up to. I am working on a totally new design of my own. I have never seen a bag like the one that I'm working on. It's very detailed and will take me a while to complete, but I am so excited about this one! In the mean time, please drop by frequently to check out my blog. I have had many requests for the last bag that I posted and as soon as dear hubby goes back to work on Tuesday, I will try to get that posted for you :) He's a big flight simulator enthusiast so he 'has control" most of the time. He deserves that, he works hard. I've also been trying to post a few of my favorite Hawaii pics... I guess I'm a little homesick :) I love this picture. It's a vintage that is very popular in Hawaii right now. The plane is called the China Clipper and it started flying in '35 from California. It was the first commercial plane to fly to Hawaii. It was a mail plane on it's way to Manila. It was a Pan Am plane. Sorry, to get off on a tangent, but what a beautiful place to go :) a hui hou (Hawaiian for "until we meet again") Posted by Picasa


Blogger Lisa said...

Oh I hope you are including that flower pattern with the bag! I just love it!

2:39 PM  
Blogger hula_baby said...

The flower is from a book called "Knitting Over the Edge" by Nicky Epstein. The purse pattern is above :)

9:43 PM  

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