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I'm like a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon, trying to find who I am in the midst of a total life change. At times its exciting. At times challenging. At times a little scary. But something I know I have to go through in order to fly.


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Sunday, July 30, 2006


This bag is one that I made with my step-daughter in mind, thus the name Sabrina. She is a very artistic young lady and the beautiful yarn that runs through the felted yarn reminds me of her.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


I forgot to post this bag earlier. It's one for my mom. It's called the Patty Bag. It is more like a carpet bag. I used a wool yarn that I had gotten at the Goodwill Store and although it served it's purpose, I'm going to make this bag again using a different yarn. I think that the gold yarn might have been too old. It didn't felt near as well as newer yarn does and when I was knitting with it there were like little cuts throughout the skein. I thought at the time that it might have been 'seconds' yarn. But the more I think about it, I'm wondering if it might not have been exposed to moths. Any way, this is one that I will re-work for my Mom. I think it's big enough for all the 'stuff' she has to carry on a daily basis. Love you Mom :)

Mailing List

Hey Everyone,
I wanted to add this option of a mailing list on my blog for those of you who'd like to know when I've posted a new bag or info on the blog. I hate taking up people's tme on the boards just to let people know that I've completed a new bag. This way, you will be notified first thing when I post a picture or a link. I think this is going to come in handy when I start selling the patterns. Hope you sign up so you will know when I've posted something you might be interested in. :)

Friday, July 28, 2006


While I was knitting this bag I was thinking about my niece, Laney. She's a very beautiful active teenager. I thought this bag could go any where, so I'm naming this one after her. The bag measures 12" long, 10" high, and 3" wide. It was knitted using Cascade 220 two strands held together. One a soft red and the other a pink.

I also included in the picture a little coin purse that I crocheted and then felted. I've never tried felting anything that I crocheted, nor have I actually seen anything. I thought those of you who crochet might like to what it looks like.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bluebell Bag

I'm sorry that I've had to remove the picture and information about the Bluebell bag that I just finished designing. But I guess it wasn't in my best interest to post it this early in the possible publishing game. You see, I've had a few contacts from people and businesses asking about my designs. I haven't really taken any too seriously because there are such great designers out there that I'm new at all of this and to even be considered as having any talent over whelms me. But after posting a brief message on a couple Yahoo groups I became aware that this bag may be one that I could benefit from, so taking the advise of others who have gone through designing bags, I've removed the picture. Maybe some day soon this bag will be published. Thank you all for your emails, and words of encouragement.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My first UFO

I'm having to lay the Victorian bag aside for a while due to the fact that I can't get the stabilizer that I'm wanting to include in this bag. I'm told that it should be in soon, so until then, I have my first official UFO. And for an obsessive compulsive, that's a little nerve racking. :)LOL I usually will not start something new until I've completed a project that I'm working on. BUT... the ideas are always there... so I'm not sitting idly, but I am working on a bag that might be done before I get the stabilizer for the Victorian. If that happens, I'll be sure to post it. It will be a felted bag. And it is another one that I designed myself. So, be sure to check back!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Victorian Crazy Quilt Bag

This is my current work in progress. I am inspired by a Victorian Crazy Quilt that I saw in a book. I love it so far. There are over 100 tiny seed beads on it. I'm not sure what the colors look like on your screen, but they are deep chocolate brown, burgandy, thyme, and navy. I am playing with the shape of the bag right now as far as the sides. It will be one that will be stitched together. So, check back at the end of the week, and hopefully it will be put together as I see it in my mind :)LOL Posted by Picasa

Sue Schaefer's Noro Bag

After so many requests for the pattern for this bag (last one posted below), I've finely figured out how to make a pdf file for you all :) Just remember, I'm new at writing the patterns, so if you run into any problems, PLEASE let me know and I will re-work it for you. Thanks!
Sue Schaefer's Noro Kureyon Bag

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Hey everyone, I just figured out how to make this slide show and I had to test it out. The pictures you are seeing are a few that we took as we made our way from Hawaii to our home here in Bellingham, WA. We had to get here via Ohio where we picked up a car. Thanks Mom & Dad! You will see a picture of what we saw from our window in Pearl City, Hawaii and then another of what we see now. Both are very different and both are very special :) enjoy!


Aloha everyone. I just wanted to let you all know what I'm up to. I am working on a totally new design of my own. I have never seen a bag like the one that I'm working on. It's very detailed and will take me a while to complete, but I am so excited about this one! In the mean time, please drop by frequently to check out my blog. I have had many requests for the last bag that I posted and as soon as dear hubby goes back to work on Tuesday, I will try to get that posted for you :) He's a big flight simulator enthusiast so he 'has control" most of the time. He deserves that, he works hard. I've also been trying to post a few of my favorite Hawaii pics... I guess I'm a little homesick :) I love this picture. It's a vintage that is very popular in Hawaii right now. The plane is called the China Clipper and it started flying in '35 from California. It was the first commercial plane to fly to Hawaii. It was a mail plane on it's way to Manila. It was a Pan Am plane. Sorry, to get off on a tangent, but what a beautiful place to go :) a hui hou (Hawaiian for "until we meet again") Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 10, 2006

Noro Kureyon Bag

This is an original bag of my own design. I wanted to try using the Noro Kureyon yarn. I love how the colors became muted. I also wanted to try felting a flower. The flower pattern is from a 'freebie' pattern that I picked up and the leaf pattern is from a book. All pieces of the bag are felted.  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Inside of Sushi Bag

This would be a great bag for a laptop! It measures 15" by 13", but could be made to the size that someone would need. It is from a book that I got at the library, I will need to back and find out what the title was if anyone is interested. I just love the whole theme of the 'sushi' :) The Japanese writing on the fabric is done in gold. This is NOT a felted bag, but because it is made from 100% acrylic, it is very very sturdy. Posted by Picasa

Sushi Bag

Before I made this bag, I was looking through fabrics that I brought with me from Hawaii. I saw this cute 'sushi' fabric and thought... I've GOT to make something using this as a lining. When I saw this pattern I just knew the two would go together. The bag has all been knitted, giving it that kinda bumpy look. To me, it looks just like the outside of a sushi roll. :)LOL  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fourth of July 2006

In honor of the celebration of this 4th of July, I thought I would post a picture that we took one day when we decided to get out and take a drive up to Canada. We are about 15 minutes from the Canadian border. It was a beautiful day... the sky was clear... the mountains in view... so, we jumped in the car with a picnic lunch and headed north. Funny thing about this adventure is... it took us about 5 minutes to get into Canada and then about an hour and a half to get back into the US. This is one time that I wished that I would have brought my knitting :)LOL. We had to sit that long at the border. I'm not complaining, I'm thankful for the wait, I was just a little surprised that it took that long. But any way, I pray that you all have a safe, fun filled holiday (dear hubby has to work, so I'll be knitting away). Let's not forget all those military serving our country around the world and please remember their little children in your prayers. For most of my 23 years of teaching, I taught military children. People forget those preschoolers during times like these. They miss their mommies and daddies. They hear the news. They hear people around them talk about how wrong the war is. How must that make them feel? Remember them, remember their parents, and be thankful that they are serving because it could be our own children over there. Have a great 4th! Posted by Picasa