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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Painted Desert

Since my forced retirement from teaching, I wanted to find something to do that would enable me to use my creative talents and I think I've found it! I've decided to start making these bags for upcoming fall craft fairs. Since I really love this type of bag, I've decided that I'm going to build a business around them. This is my second bag that I've crocheted and this one is even more sturdy than the one below. I love being able to mix and match the colors. Now, that I've decided what to focus my work on, I can get busy and work to create enough bags before the Christmas season. I think this is going to be the BEST therapy that I could have ever gone through to help me deal with a big life change. :) By the way, I'm calling this bag "The Painted Desert" after the name of the yarn. I'm also thinking about adding additional rings on the inside of the bag for an optional shoulder strap. This bag has not been lined yet, I need to find just the right material. I think I'm going to make them with and without the lining, charging more for those that are lined. What do you thing? Posted by Picasa


Blogger Mimi said...

Beautiful bag. I love how you intermingled the colors. I know you'll have great success at the craft shows. Which I knew how much to charge for them too. It's hard when you have so much time in them as well as the yarn. Anyway I love your bag!!! Great colors.
Deb in Little Rock

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

Where did you find the pattern for the Painted Desert bag? I've searched and searched for crochet entrelac bags like yours...It's beautiful!


7:29 AM  
Blogger Katty_katwoman said...

I would LOVE to try this pattern. It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Do you mind sharing where I can get it from? Or, if you and your creativity brought it together?

11:21 AM  

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