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I'm like a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon, trying to find who I am in the midst of a total life change. At times its exciting. At times challenging. At times a little scary. But something I know I have to go through in order to fly.


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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Day 2 of the entrelac bag: choices, choices, choices! What color should come next? I am enjoying this bag a lot, but am some what at a lose as to what color I should choose next :) I am using Patons Classic Wool. I love the way it felts, but have never felted the far right yarn before, so I am not sure how it will look felted. I have this thing about order so my plan tonight is to follow this last row with a row of the twisted yarn (far right) followed by another new denim (dark), then worn denim (light), and lastly another twisted row. But we will see what tomorrow brings. Life may look different by the light of a different day :)LOL Posted by Picasa


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